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This is a rather lengthy testimonial but I feel it’s important so you can understand what I went through.

At the end of this year probably around December, I noticed a change in my back. I have always had back issues being that I have worked in an office environment for 30 plus years. It has probably been the last 20 years that I have had to see chiropractors and it gave me the relief I needed but I noticed after a while that it just wasn’t helping. I would get up and get ready for work and stand in front of the mirror and in a matter of minutes I had lots of pain. It felt like someone sticking a knife in the bottom of my spine, but I would take an Aleve and off to work I would go.

Well, to make a long story short, my back just packed it in. It was getting to the point where I could barely walk and would have to use a cane. I was getting desperate for help and so depressed. I went to a place where I was told I would need spinal decompression, so I went for it. Not sure if it helped but I had around 23 treatments. It just left me sore. The advice I was given there was sketchy and obviously incorrect and led to being bed ridden for a couple of months.

Then one day I went to check in with my doctor to let her know how I was doing and she told me about Dr Watts. He had been to the medical clinic where my doctor practices just to let everyone know that he was opening up his office nearby and told my doctor that if she knew of any difficult cases to send them over to see him. I knew I fit that bill for sure and thought I will try and see if he could help me. That was the best day ever. Dr Watts examined me very thoroughly, and knew exactly what was wrong and started myofascial release technique on my muscles right away.

I am not going to say that it wasn’t painful, but knew that it would eventually make me better. After the first treatment I could actually walk and it wasn’t long before I didn’t have to use the cane anymore, which was also one of Dr Watts’ concerns. With each treatment it became easier and less painful and along with the exercises he asked me to do, I was pretty much back to a normal way of life. It was like a roller coaster with good and maybe some off days but the ride was worth it!!

I started to see Dr Watts the end of June of this year and am now returning to work on a part time basis and am slowly working towards full time again and interestingly enough there are several people at my place of employment that are now seeing him too. I can’t thank you enough Dr Watts for giving me my life back. If you are reading this and you need help or if you know anybody who is suffering, please see Dr Watts. He really cares about your well being and you will not be disappointed!

I will continue to refer everyone that I know or anyone that I may meet that is looking for a fantastic and caring Chiropractor. Dr Watts you are the best and it is a great privilege to be under your care.

Sincerely and with much gratitude,

– Debbie Doucette