Naturopathic Doctor (ND)

Dr. Jaz

My name is Dr. Jaz and I am a naturopathic doctor (ND). I love being a ND because I get to spend time with my patients and really get to know who they are. It can be intimidating to meet someone new and be expected to reveal personal information so let me tell you a little about myself to break the ice. My post-secondary education started at the University of Victoria where I studied general sciences until I found kinesiology! As an exercise and sport enthusiast, kinesiology was the perfect fit for me. I knew I wanted to find a career that viewed medicine from a lifestyle angle which, in my opinion, includes exercise, nutrition, as well as mental-emotional wellbeing. After completing my undergraduate degree, I found myself working in an out-patient rehab facility for my master’s thesis and quickly learned the value of both quantitative and qualitative research. What I found most rewarding were the personal connections I felt I was able to build with my research subjects. On countless occasions they would express how grateful they were to have people (me and my research team) care for them during their rehabilitation process despite, according to the data, having had no measurable evidence to prove that the treatments lead to any significant improvements. I left the world of academia feeling unsatisfied and slightly disenchanted. With no direction of what to pursue next I stumbled upon naturopathic medicine as a potential career path. In all honesty, it was a leap of faith that committed me to another four years of intense schooling which to my relief was everything I could have ever hoped for! One of my favorite aspects of this medicine is the flexibility in the way it is practiced; I felt like I could make it true to who I was as a person and deliver accordingly. Fast forward to graduation, which happened to be just as the pandemic began, I took time off to have a baby! About six months later I started my own practice out of a crossfit gym (where I also coach crossfit) and now a year later I am excited to announce that I will be joining Spine Works as their first ever naturopathic doctor on staff. My current passions include spending time with my family, coaching and training in crossfit, competing in beach volleyball on the local pro circuit, and creating new recipes in the kitchen. I love to escape into nature and hope to make camping and hiking a part of my son’s upbringing!

Here is a brief summary of what you can expect when you come and see me:

What do we talk about? Everything from digestive function, muscle and joint complaints, hormonal changes, sleep quality, and energy levels to personal goals and aspirations, significant life events, and cognitive challenges. I believe that a person’s health status is a reflection of their biology/genetics, lifestyle, thoughts/beliefs, and emotions; so I make sure that all these components are addressed in a consultation. What do I offer in terms of treatment? First and foremost, I prioritize education and lifestyle changes! This might be as simple as teaching someone the importance of sleep or making the connection between how certain foods may be having a detrimental impact on one’s body. To help with making lifestyle changes, I offer personally tailored supplement regimes and ensure that my patients know why and for how long they should take specific nutrients. Blood work, such as food sensitivity testing and hormone panels, also plays a big role in my ability to determine how to best provide treatment. Lastly, I am licensed to practice acupuncture which allows me to treat muscle and joint pain, help reduce stress, and overall, stimulate the body’s own ability to heal.

My goal is to help people feel better by empowering them with knowledge and confidence that there is always potential for healing; whether you are looking to fine tune your body or you are suffering from debilitating illness, I am here to listen and provide to the best of my abilities.

If you have questions about whether or not this is right for you please reach out by phone (250-588-7708) or email ( to set up a free 15 min phone consult.